What an unexpected surprise to find excellent customer service in a personal environment. What amazing people! Raphael in Service, Les (an owner) who facilitated the sale and everyone else working there was kind and willing to be helpful. I just purchased a new Speed Triple and could not be happier. We need more companies with this level of customer service. Thanks to everyone there.

Jerry F.,
It was a pleasure buying a new bike from these guys (and gal). They are very knowledgeable and helpful, very devoted to the Triumph brand, and very straightforward in their dealing. I expect I will keep coming back for service and accessories. It's a nice, new, well-stocked shop and everyone I met there was very friendly. "We want to be your dealer" sounds a little corny, but these guys mean it.

Brian M.,
Fantastic team. Accommodating, well-informed, fast to act... couldn't ask for much more.
Matt R.,
My experience at Triumph of Westchester was nothing but pleasant. I came to them after having tried 4 other dealerships in the tri-State area. Although I initially came in to see a used Honda Shadow, I ended up coming out with Triumph Bonneville T100 and couldn't be happier. They were extremely accommodating in terms of finding a financial deal that worked for me, they never pushed the sale, they never rushed the sale (I must have spent over 3 hours there that first day), and they always treated me with respect (something the other dealerships did not). Perhaps the biggest selling point for me was how VETERAN FRIENDLY they were. Triumph dealerships nationally have discounts for veterans however, Les and Adriana went above and beyond, providing me with even more discounts at the cost of their store. All-in-all, instead of having to piece together the majority of my gear over the process of a few months through the internet and running around to different stores, I managed to get most of my gear there with the help of their staff and their accommodation in ordering gear. They didn't try to push the $600 helmet on me like some places would nor try to get me to buy the Triumph logo gear that makes it look like Triumph has thrown up on you and you're now a walking billboard. They gave me their honest riders' opinions about what gear works, what doesn't, what's necessary, and what isn't. Peter and Adriana (both from sales) worked with my budget and my style taking the time and effort necessary to make sure I walked out satisfied all the while making the experience extremely enjoyable. All-in-all, I'm extremely satisfied. I drove out with a bike that turns heads (at least 5 on the drive home from the dealership) and confidence that this was the right way to buy a bike. For those looking for used bikes, they have a pretty competitive selection and can accommodate accordingly to what your needs are. They're great with new riders, grizzled old veteran bikers, or anything in between and, perhaps most importantly, THEY DON'T PUSH THE SALE. They understand one of the most fundamental aspects of sales that so many dealerships today seem to forget: the customer's satisfaction is the best thing for business. I will be returning (if for nothing else than the free espresso shots).

Eldad N.
Buying a brand new motorcycle is a lot like getting married, you want it to be as enjoyable and stress-free as possible because you only get to do it 2-3 times in your life. The staff at Triumph of Westchester did everything to make sure it was exactly that when I recently bought my 2014 Bonneville. In all seriousness, for most of us, making a purchase of this magnitude is a special and exciting occasion. Unfortunately, it’s one that can easily turn sour if dealing with the wrong people. However, during my conversations and negotiations with Les (salesperson/part-owner), I felt that there was a mutual desire to get me on the bike that I wanted at a price that I was comfortable with. There was no pressure to act fast nor was it ever suggested that I opt for a trim or color or option that I didn't need/want. Les was extremely professional in keeping the negotiations moving smoothly and in his knowledge of both the product and the buying process. As for parts and service, to date everything has gone well. My initial impression of the staff is that they are very friendly and helpful. At the time of my purchase the bike was prepped properly and all its features were explained to me before I rode off. Also, they've assisted in ordering and installing aftermarket parts to my satisfaction. I fully expect this level of customer service to continue as I bring my bike back for scheduled maintenance and further customization. All in all, this place is top notch. I live in New York City and there are certainly closer places to buy and service a bike. My advice: drive the extra few miles to Triumph of Westchester and work with people who value your business and care about your motorcycle.

Oliverio H.,
This was the best experience I've had through a dealership. Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable about their products. They sold a wide variety of new and used bikes along with accessories and riding gear. Everyone was courteous and remembered what we had discussed and what I was looking for. It was not only the sales reps that I was impressed with, the technicians were prompt and had my bike ready for pickup exactly when they had first estimated the time. I feel like I was treated well and was given great service. I strongly recommend this dealership and plan on using them again whether it be for routine bike maintenance or for future purchases.

M Rush
What a fun, stress-free experience buying a bike there. Those people are AWESOME!!!!
Debra Mason
Stopped in the showroom for the first time today. The bikes are beautiful and the staff was very friendly! Go check it out, you'll be glad you did!!

Joe Rooney
I recently purchased my 2013 Triumph Daytona 675R from Westchester Motorcycles, and it was an excellent experience all around. Being a recent college graduate and only working for a year, a bike of this quality fell just slightly out of reach. Westchester Motorcycles was willing to work with me, when other dealers weren’t. I worked directly with Les (whom I believe is the head sales person, if not the only one, it’s a small place). Les not only helped me save a few bucks but put the bike of my dreams in my garage. Upon pick up, the service manager will walk you through all the bells and whistles of the bike, helping you familiarize yourself so you don’t necessarily have to page through the manual right away. Then as I road off the lot, another employee took photos which I realize were for advertising purposes but made me feel like a sudo-celeb. As for the bike itself, all I can say is…Love at first ride.

Nicky LaHara,
First rate experience, only came in for a look at the 2014 Thruxton and ended up buying the bike that day. All the staff were friendly and knowledgable but not too pushy. It has a family business feel to it which left a very positive impression. I’d highly recommend it.

John Robert Ord,
Just bought a new Triumph Tiger 800, and I am very happy with the experience at Westchester Motorcycles. Very friendly and knowledgeable, always happy to answer questions, and it was great to be able to test ride and compare. I am happy to have a friendly full service motorcycle store near, and to a large extent this is the reason I bought the Triumph as opposed to some other top brand. If you are in the market for a bike, you should stop by.

Martin A.
I had a very very good experience over here!! They was the Only place that found me a loan with No credit history! Les was very helpful and supplied me with Everything i needed to ride out that same day. The bike i purchase was use and they had it Super Clean! They even came out to replace my battery personal themselves. Thank You guys for your help and providing me with the motorcycle i wanted.

Juan Ruiz,
Five stars, no doubt. They came highly recommended to me by a friend. They was professional, kind and provided great customer service. I was due for a new Battery on my Daytona 675 because it was only sporadically holding charge. I made it to Triumph of Westchester just before closing. They squeezed me in and didn’t even make me feel like they were doing me a huge favor (which they were! I would have been so screwed without my bike the next day). Rafael popped the new battery in, and didn’t charge for the labor. He even took the time to explain to me how to clean out my K&N air filter–without a condescending attitude. I’m due for an oil change soon and I was talking about how it would be difficult to find the time to do it outside of my hectic work schedule. Rafael offered to Pick Up my Bike! Well, I plan on having my Daytona for a very long time and Rafael just got himself a regular customer!

John Bano,
Love this place! i bouhgt a cycle online and was contacted by Les. He was polite and honest. He kept in contact with me before and after the sale. They made me feel confident about my purchase. That is why i drove over 150 miles to purchace a cycle from them. This is a world class place. The dealership was clean and had everthing you could want. This place is one of a kind. i would recomend Westchester Motorcycles to everyone!

I worked with Les (who is also part-owner) and purchased a Triumph Street Triple (non-R) in early August 2013. With Triumphs at least, he doesn’t move on the base price. This was in line with other dealers I visited. But he helps out everywhere else. There was a destination charge, but no handling charge or any other charges that I have seen other dealers tack on. It was great working with Les; he is flexible in thinking of ways to move a deal along, including (but not limited to) discounts on accessories. I got the flyscreen, Arrow exhaust, and bar-end mirrors. Oh, and a pair of bobbins. Even when busy and short-handed, Les was able to keep things moving without getting overwhelmed. Showroom is clean and neat; parking is not plentiful. The whole staff is friendly and enjoys talking about bikes. Overall a very good experience.

Tom Carroll,
If you want the best service, look no further! A Triumph dealer by brand but a full range of pre owned with your satisfaction at the top of their list. Knowledgeable, great showroom full of bikes and all kinds of riding gear. Heated gear too, how cool is that! Easy to get to and worth the trip! Thanks guys!

Jan J Maluda Jr.,
New dealership, partners manage the sales floor and service department. Clean, and well organized; good display of both Triumph line of motorcycles and accessories. No hard sell, delivered motorcycle as promised and took the time to go over all of the features of the new bike.

Anthony Tascione,
What can i say about Triumph of Westchester, Les is a stand up guy who work’s hard to make the customer happy and, walking out with a smile. Bought a 2012 Thunderbird with 0 miles at a great price…. also financing was not an issue…What a bike….awesome…They put my pipes on for me and, mapped the bike properly..:-)))) I recommend these guy’s highly. Go and see them….

Al M.,
Awesome dealership! Very knowledgeable staff,they know motorcycles inside out. I went in to get service on one of my non Triumph motorcycles, I left the dealership with my non Triumph and my newest acquisition,brand new Triumph Speed Triple motorcycle. They gave me a deal i could not refuse. Purchasing was a breeze. They service and work on any and every make and model motorcycle. They made me extremely confident,and i’m not the easiest person to give trust. I love the place and the staff. I’m a fan.

Mario D.,
Very friendly and helpful staff. My last bike was stolen 1/23/14, didn’t want to wait to get another. The only obstacle to picking up my new Daytona 675R was Mother Nature dumping a little snow on us. They (Les) took care of everything, I just walked in signed a few forms then rode my new baby home. My apologies and gratitude to the the very patient staff! I got there 10 minutes prior to closing… never felt rushed. Already considering going back for a second bike, the Thunderbird STORM… Can’t give them any higher praise that to say I will be a repeat customer.

Lenny A.,
The short of it–great guys, low key selling style and certainly anything but exploitive. I am new to motorcycles having gotten my license in Sept (writing this in October). Took the course etc and then I was off to find a bike. I had been shopping since July in anticipation and had been in and out of probably 10 or 12 shops in the tri state area and communicated with a handful more via internet posts etc. Les and the other folks who answer the phone at Westchester took the time to talk on the phone with someone like me who didn’t know much and really went through what to look for and good starter bikes whether they sold it to me or not. Their genuine concern that I not have a bad experience was clearly more important than making a sale. So I drove the 25 miles to visit, saw a bike I had been shopping and bought it! From the time of my visit, the guys there handled all the paperwork, hooked up my insurance, shopped accessories-even the ones they didn’t carry normally–and had me taking delivery of the bike exactly as promised mere days later. Since then, I have been invited to join rides they organize, told about different jackets I might be interested in and a gathering at the store for some bbq and hangout its good to deal with people who are into more than the sale and all the guys at this shop fall into that category–give them a call if you are in the market for a bike, especially Triumph!

Matt K.,
This review is initially for the sales side of the store. As I get more involve, I will post more reviews for the repair shop and parts. As I was in need of a reliable bike and have not narrowed it down to the one I was looking for, Les was of a great help and his expertise and sale skills facilitated my decision. He will not just force the sale but instead, search and match your need for the bike. Once I had my pick, we sat down and ran some numbers. Believe me, he will help the best he can to give you the best deal. He knows his store, and he knows his lenders so he will offer you a wide range of choices for you to have the product you like without putting into a financial difficulty. If you ever go the Westchester Motorcycle, ask for Les. In addition to that, I had the opportunity to briefly touch bases with the technician, Rafal. When you buy a bike, you will always want to buy the service as well so it is important to get to know their technical staff as well. Although I have not had the need for maintenance yet, he seemed to be an experienced person. He had the right answers to my questions and he goes to the point. Overall, it seems that I am in good hands with this dealer and I will definitely recommend it.

Fernando Lam Wu,
Dear Triumph of Westchester staff, The Triumph Trophy SE I picked up is truly an amazing motorcycle. Over the years I’ve owned more then ten bikes, and this is really the most exiting so far-the handling, the performance, the comfort, and all the other world class functions it comes with. The buying process was very informative and easy. The service and selection in the store is fantastic. This is the type of triumph dealer experience we’ve been missing in this area for a long time. They helped me with financing, registration, etc. and took the time to explain the all the different features on the bike. Hats off to the folks at Triumph of Westchester in White Plains, NY. Thank you for being our local Triumph dealer, you guys are awesome, I wish you a very happy and successful new year. will stop by soon. All my best, Michael H.

Michael H.,
Thank you to the people at Triumph of Westchester for one, dealing with me, and two, for their customer service. They went above and beyond getting my bike out the door today, even providing me with a helmet to use since I was not expecting to get it today and was unprepared. They even called at the end of the day to make sure I arrived home safely as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I know I'm not easy at times!

Christine F.,
Thank you for making my purchase of a new 2014 Triumph Thruxton such an excellent experience. You and your dealership staff were truly professional, fair and reasonable beyond my expectations. I was particularly impressed with the prompt and thorough manner in which every one of my requests, requirements and concerns were handled, not only with my trade, but with the immediate availability of everything I wanted for my new bike. In very short order. I was out the door and riding my new machine. And so far, the Thruxton has exceeded my expectations as well. I will go out of my way to recommend both your dealership and the Thruxton. Thank you sincerely,  Greg D
I just purchased a 2013 Triumph Rocket III from Westchester Triumph. The process was very smooth; I visited the store a couple of times before I decided to buy the motorcycle, and the guys there were very helpful and knowledgeable about their bikes. One good thing about this store is that you do not feel pressured to buy anything. This was the second motorcycle I bought from these guys. The first one was a Suzuki M109 back when they were located in Brewster, and in both occasions I left the store with the sense that I purchased what I really wanted and I wasn’t rush into buying something that I would later regret. Les and Raphael are very friendly and approachable. I absolutely recommend this store.

Felix A.,
I had a very very good experience over here!! They was the Only place that found me a loan with No credit history! Les was very helpful and supplied me with Everything i needed to ride out that same day. The bike i purchase was use and they had it Super Clean! They even came out to replace my battery personal themselves. Thank You guys for your help and providing me with the motorcycle i wanted.

Juan R.,